Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Hello, hello, hello!

So, hello there,

I'm Nadia - the writer behind this wee blog here you've stumbled upon. I thought I'd start this blog by giving you a little bit about myself. Here we go :

1.  You're probably wondering, where the heck am I blogging from. (???)
I've been *professionally* procrastinating in Glasgow (since moving to University) for nearly four years now, so that's where I will be blogging from about 3/4 of the time. The other weeny quarter of my life will be blogged from the little town I grew up in, just outside of Newcastle. 
aaaaand here's my face : 

Accent disclaimer:  I should have a wonderful hodgepodge of an accent but (rather, unfortunately!) my North Eastern accent overpowers my attempts at anything mildly Glaswegian. 
So no Twin Atlantic accent for me. wah. 

2. Yah, yah but what about you, what are you putting here?
I've lurked on other people's delicious blogs for way too long to not be considered an awkward stalker, so, I thought it was probably about time I offered something up for myself.

I love lifestyle blogs, generally because I am an adoring fan of food, music, travel and fashion (of the monochrome tendency) so that is definitely what I'm aspiring to provide posts on. 

I should probably just add a mild warning that I have a rather dense emotional attachment to coffee and puns and illustrations so expect all of the above to feature too. (Coffee/tea/gin enthusiasts welcome too, obvs). 

3. Puns? Illustrations? You're going to talk about books aren't you?
Um, the short answer: yes, a tiny bit. I'm currently writing my dissertation so it's likely that, that mental trauma will spill mildly into this creative space. 
But, fear not, any chit-chats about books will be more along the lines of 'ohmagherd i had all the feelz' rather than anything else,
(Fun fact: I've been laughed out of an english literature seminar before, so, really, I've got your back through this). 

The book I'm currently reading is Marina Keegan's  'The Opposite of Loneliness' - (fyi : ALL the feels). 

4. But what if I'm not up for a book discussion?
Well that's just cool, too! (see q.2)

5. How do you feel about pizza?
I am currently in a serious, committed and loving relationship with pizza. 

6. Where do you lurk when you're *not* putting together shoddy blog posts?
So glad you asked - feel free to keep up with my daily adventures on :
Instagram - @nenben_
Twitter - @nadiabenstead 

Feast your eyes on sunsets, reflections, and wetsuits (oh my!) :

(In the mean time - of me actually posting some chit chat- I would love to recommend a few blogs I personally adore, such as:  Scottish beauty Amy @ thelittlemagpie - a whole lot of stunning style and lifestyle, my total girl crush Ella @ weneedtolivemore - adventures and recipes, the muse of my baking envy Katie @ katiecakes (also part owner of Pet Lamb Patisserie in Newcastle's Grainger Market) , the wonderful Olivia @ whatoliviadid and finally my jazzy sister Carla (who has long inspired and encouraged me to write) @ messycarla.)

-Bye friends! x

In typical blogger style I'm going to end with a delightful disclaimer. 
DISCLAIMER: My punctuation and grammar sucks (my university professors and my sister Carla will kindly vouch for me here). So let's all be kind and try not to self-combust in a language fuelled rage.